LBA Swims Into 2014 better than ever!

Long Beach Aquatics Swims Into 2014 better than ever!

The month of December can be an exhausting one for all, with holidays, parties, and traveling. When all is said and done, and most people are feeling a bit of the winter blues, LBA swimmers know nothing of the sort! Their dedication and determination is higher than ever in January knowing that their season is in the home stretch and their championship meets are right around the corner.

The weekend of January 17, over 100 LBA swimmers headed to Newburgh, NY to compete in the Newburgh Sharks Team Invitational, which is a great trials-finals meet for our team. With over 10 teams  competing this year, we are so proud that we left there in 2nd place this year!  Even though our swimmers can see the finish line, any meets they swim in January, they do so "tired". Coming off of  brutal intense practices, or maybe inconsistent practices due to the holidays, we don't always expect personal lifetime bests at this point, but are definitely pleased when we see them!  Trials-finals meet s can be a great tool for the older swimmers to see what kind of shape they are in heading into their championship meets!

The 12-unders were timed finals, not trials-finals, which means they only swim once, and  as always we are so proud of all our 12-under swimmers. We had many best times, and many swimmers finishing in the top 12, helping LBA rack up the points!  Swimming to a best time were; Madeline Allen, Alexandra Andrejczuk, Theodora Angelopoulos, Alyscia Batista, Emily Bergin, Kyle Bergin, Chase Callahan, Hayden Callahan, Paige Carpenter, Livia Casalaina, Samantha Chase, Danny Cornish, Rian Courtney, Carolyn Crocker, Grace D'Andrea, Lily D'Andrea, Michael D'Andrea, Bella Davis, Caroline Davis, Isabella Defonte, Kaityln Devancy, James Devine, Kate Duffy, Caroline Farrell, Isabelle Gaudet, Sarah Gaudet, Grace Gibson,  Kaleigh Gilroy, Deanna Gonzalez, Hannah Harkins, Dylan Harrington, Morgan Harrington, Trey Heller, Tess Howley, Jack Hunter, Alexandria Hwang, Tyler Hwang, Anna Kavanagh, Sarah Kavanagh, Elizabeth Kelly, Thomas Kelly, Connor Lent, Conner Libassi,  Caroline Longo, Kaylee Low, Katherine Lynch, Kathryn Mannle, Jillian McCabe,  Michael  McCarthy, Neilly McCarthy, Emily McDonnell, Helen McGuire, Mary McGuire,  Carolyn Moore, Tommy Moore, Edwin Morarity,  Francis Moriarity, Maeve Moriarity, Margaret Moriarity,  Teagan O'Connell, Sofia Paggi, Makayla Pearce, Gwendolyn Posner, Aimee Quinlan, Amy Ramon, Freddy Ramon, Nathaly Rivera, Jacob Sanchez, Delwin Santana, Jose Santana, Faith Sheinberg, Ryan Sheinberg, Michael Simao, Jack Skarren, Kaley Skarren, Nora Smith, Samir Souidi, Catherine Stanford, Siobhan Stapleton, Jenna Stevens, Michael Stoski, Luke Strauss, Megan Vitale, Serafina Vitale, Brooke Waller, Brendan Woods & Thomas Woods.  Finishing in the top 12 for the 12 & unders were; Alexandra Andrejczuk, Danny Cornish, Kyle Cornish, Rian Courtney, Bella Davis, Caroline Davis, Isabella Defonte, James Devine,  Isabelle Gaudet, Grace Gibson, Hannah Harkins, Tyler Hwang, Anna Kavangh,  Conner LiBassi, Kaylee Low,  Emily McDonnell,  tommy Moore,  Makayla Pearce, Freddy Ramon, Jacob Sanchez, Delwin Santana, Jack Skarren, Kaley Skarren,  Samir Souidi, Catherine Stanford, Siobhan Stapleton, Michael Stoski,  and Brooke Waller.

When 13-overs compete in a trials-finals meet, there are 2 main goals in mind, 1- to  make it back to finals, and 2 - to swim faster in finals, than in prelims. Well, just as with every prelims, finals meet we attend, our swimmers never disappoint!  Qualifying for a finals swim were; Kyle Bergin, Caroline Farrell, Dylan Harrington, Morgan Harrington, Jack Hunter, Conner Lent, Caroline Longo, Kathryn Mannle, Michael McCarthy, Faith Sheinberg, Gabriela Solis, Jenna Stevens, Serafina Vitale, and Brendan Woods.  Swimming faster at finals than in prelims takes practice and does not come naturally to swimmers. Doing what they do best, and swimming faster at night was; Kyle Bergin,  Caroline Farrell,  Dylan Harrington,  Morgan Harrington,  Connor Lent,  Caroline Longo, Kathryn Mannle,  Michael McCarthy,  Faith Sheinberg,  and Brendan Woods.

The Following weekend, 26 of the toughest LBA Swimmers competed in the Condors Distance Invitational. With some swimming the 500 free, some swimming the 400 IM, and the toughest of the tough doing the mile (1650), and some doing a combination of events! Even if they have done these events before, they can be very intimidating to do at any time.  Doing the 400 IM for the first time was Alexandra Andrejczuk, Kyle Bergin , and  Neilly McCarthy.  Doing a best time in either the 500 free or the 400 IM was; Alexandra Andrejczuk, Alyscia Batista, Etan Bonney, Kyle Cornish, Bella Davis, Isabella Defonte, Madison Ekstrom, Malia Freedhand, Hannah Harkins, Mary Kate Maher, Neilly McCarthy, Emily McDonnell, Jacob Sanchez, Faith Sheinberg, Ryan Sheinberg, Kaley Skarren, Catherine Stanford, Michael Stoski and Thomas Woods. Swimming in the 1650 were Carolyn Crocker, Caroline Longo, Michael McCarthy, Brendan Woods and Ethan Bonney. Doing a best time was Carolyn Crocker, Caroline Longo, Michael McCarthy and Ethan Bonney.

Congratulations to each and every swimmer who competed in Newburgh and/ or the Condors Distance Meet! We have just one more meet in two weeks before heading into our Qualifying Meets to finish off the Fall-Winter Season!

Swim Fast!!! Swim Smart!!!!